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Solution Overview

Microtech Infinity Daylight Cloud has taken several steps forward over the desktop version. New concepts and features have transformed the system into a powerhouse that is easy to manage and use.




Ease of Use

Designed for Large Corporations

Designed for sparse and complex organizations, multi-company multi-national companies, regional offices controlling multiple country entities, controlling local distributors, and operating through staff located all over the world.

Workflow and functional authority is easily designed and managed through scripts. Power query builder, a reports designer, a business intelligence tool, and an Excel compatible spreadsheet with live data access, are all inherent parts of the system, elegantly and seamlessly integrated with your complex database.

Infinity Daylight Cloud maintains accurate information and easy to access records, supplying the user with tracking functionality and extensive reporting capabilities.

Why Choose Daylight Cloud

Microtech Daylight Cloud

Through the many new technologies utilized in this system, your supply chain becomes more agile with speed of access to information and IT capacity.


Infinity Daylight Cloud comes with a host of generous features packed to cover your business needs. In addition, Infinity Daylight Cloud seamlessly integrates with your complex corporate databases to empower your organization with convenient business intelligence across multiple geo-locations.


As the CEO tries to understand the company’s overall performance, s/he may find many different versions of the truth.

Finance has its own set of revenue numbers, Sales has another version, and the different business units may each have their own version of how much they contributed to revenues.

Microtech Cloud Series ERP creates a single version of the truth that cannot be questioned because everyone is using the same system.

Using the system provides you with instant advantages:

  • Enhance your core financial capabilities and generate accurate reports in real time.
  • Capture processes from different applications – for a single version of financial truth.
  • Reduce cost of goods sold (COGS) and maximize profitability.
  • Ensure compliance with IFRS and GAAP regulations.
  • Analyze customer behavior and sales to quickly identify and seize new opportunities.

Cost Control

Cost reduction through accurate cost tracking and calculation is one of the key benefits of using a best practice engineered and integrated ERP system. Microtech Cloud Infinity provides just that.

Cash Flow Management

Controlling cash flow is one of the key characteristics to running a successful business. Microtech Cloud Infinity Accounts Receivable and Payable are highly comprehensive tools in terms of control and power, and will enable you to manage your cash flow efficiently, cutting down your credit cost and following up on your collections effectively.

Flexibility and power is the hallmark of the fully functional purchasing management modules, enabling you to gain an insight to your purchase-planning environment, showing you an overview of your suppliers. In addition you can track and predict purchases, and analyses expenditures, thereby maintaining a good vendor relationship.

All of this combined with its user-friendliness makes this an ideal purchasing module from the smallest to largest business. It also aids in organizing suppliers data through maintaining all contact persons and financial information, with the possibility of categorizing the suppliers according to lead-time, cost, area and type, for easily sorted reports.

Inventory Management

The system also provides total control over taking and transcribing physical inventory, effectively cutting down time and cost.

It provides total control over your warehousing day-to-day logistics, from purchasing and/or manufacturing to delivery. It is designed to provide the user with maximum flexibility to process any operation on inventory.

The system maintains accurate information and easy to access records, supplying the user with tracking functionality and extensive reporting capabilities.

The system accommodates many item types, with different descriptors, multiple units, expiries, serial numbers, and packs.

Sales Performance

As for the sales operations, functionality is as rich as the most complex systems. Its ease of use is legendary. Gain full power, flexibility and control by accessing comprehensive data that allows you to manage your cash flow, track and predict customer-buying patterns and provide a superior level of customer service.

Make the right decision at the right time and don’t lose track of the targets you want to achieve in your sales. The system integrates with Microtech Cloud Series CRM, or with third party CRM solutions via connectors.

This system offers adaptability through printing statements of accounts for any client at any time, in any format defined by the user.

Workflow Management

Microtech Cloud offers a flexible programmable workflow management environment to fit within any organization process. The user will assign who does what, when, under which restrictions and who shall be notified. All this flexibility does not demise the powerful security system provided and detailed audit trail to keep your process secured and organized.

This greatly minimizes inaccuracy and errors in handling multi-linked documents, related to quantity or value, in addition to calculating payments and refunds in different currencies and converting them to local currencies, as defined by the user, according to the daily, monthly, and annual exchange rate variation.

Saving time and effort through automatic continuation of document cycles throughout the production, sales, and purchasing cycles and automatic generation of transactions when posting to General Ledger. Also automatically linking sales/purchase orders with the rest of the production and inventory documents for a view of the above of the credit limit and expectation of the needed items in the inventory.

On line reporting system for payments and refunds for each supplier and client in different currencies and converting them to the local currency, as defined by the user according to the daily, monthly, and annual exchange rate variation. Also tracking unpaid items and notes payable per branch, supplier, and/ or item.

Efficiency in processing different means of payment; cash, credit cards, notes payable and receivable, according to user definition.

System offers flexibility formula defined taxation values. All documents, including sales quotations, sales/purchase orders, invoices, refunds, bills, refund memos, and receipts, are available reformatting and printing for both internal and external use.


Microtech Cloud Infinity also supports accurate decision making through analytical reports on purchased or manufactured items, by item, type and /or supplier, reporting all notes payable and receivable, payment and promissory notes, aging receipts, and warning of interest charges, as a result of delay.

In addition to best selling items, most profitable customers, areas, categories, and much more.


Manufacturing, whether process or discrete, engineer to order, make to order, assemble to order, or make to stock are all supported throughout the comprehensive Manufacturing solution, from planning to work center feedback, to payroll calculation including over performance bonuses.

System controls master production schedules, MRP, bills of resources, materials, shop floor control, labor feedback, and costing calculation.

Human Resources

Human Resources Management includes the whole nine yards, from planning to budgeting to recruitment, career path planning, workforce management, training, appraisals, benefits management, provisions, and payroll. Even the most complex working shifts system will be accommodated within the incredibly flexible and comprehensive time attendance system. Highly flexible integrated formula an spreadsheet systems give you the ability to add and change human resource policies, staff benefits, and payroll calculations according to your business requirements.

Infinity Daylight Cloud

Designed to help you grow your business and maximize your return on investment


Infinity Cloud ERP New Generation (Arabic) - الجيل الجديد من برنامج إنفينيتي

Infinity cloud ERP New Generation

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