Microtech has a range of solutions designed specifically to fit the size & needs of your business.

Microtech Daylight Cloud

Microtech Daylight Cloud not only connects you with your organization regardless of your location or your device's platform, but also eliminates the hassle and cost of maintaining an on premise solution.

What is Cloud Computing

Cloud solutions are not new, you have been using it for more than 10 years. Yahoo, Facebook, Dropbox, and others are all examples of cloud solutions.

Cloud Computing

The main idea behind the cloud is that you can access all your information over the internet without having any detailed knowledge of the infrastructure used to enable it. You do not need to know about the details of how it works, as long as when you plug into it, it works.

Benefits of Cloud

Greatest cloud computing gains to date have come from migrating workloads that impacted the efficiency of key groups of employees and ultimately the corporate's ability to innovate. Such workloads benefit from the change both operationally and economically.

Cloud implementation provides the most opportunity for transformative improvement. On the other hand, it provides for elastic resource allocation, provisioning speed, extreme transaction processing and self-service automation that are synonymous with Cloud.

Why Microtech Cloud?

Existing workloads must be carefully analyzed to weigh potential gains against how easily they can be deployed in the cloud, whether public, private or hybrid.

Cloud Computing Types

Microtech Cloud Series is available in all configurations. Your data and/or applications could be either stored on your servers or securely hosted in a data center.

Microtech Cloud Series keeps everyone at the organization in touch with information most relevant to his job, as well as his colleagues, suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders. Resulting in quick smooth response for a more competitive and cost effective operation.

Implementing Cloud

Not every workload is the same in terms of its importance and cost to the organization, and this can affect its outcome in the cloud. Most critical workloads are so costly to the organization financially and operationally that a move to the cloud has the potential to provide considerable benefit. Other workloads may be so highly optimized already that there is little to be gained from such a move.

Cloud implementation, testing, and enabling are also easier for the IT organization. Cloud provides infrastructure as a service (IaaS with virtualized server, storage, operating system and middleware). It enables IT to expand these resources on demand, along with making new server images available as provisioning requests were made.

How Can the Cloud Transform Your Organization?

Flexibility - Scale up and down to meet your organization's requirements. In today's economy, this flexibility is a key. You can adjust your IT expenditures to meet your organization's immediate needs. You no longer have to build for the future, or be constrained by decisions made or contracts signed in the past.

Security - Rest assured that your data in the cloud is much more secure than what lives on a tower under your desk or in your small un-secured server room.

Capacity - In the past, you had to spend a lot of your IT budget on human resources to manage your software. With cloud computing, that's no longer an issue. Now, you can focus on how the solution will help you further your mission. The IT piece belongs to somebody else.

Cost - Using cloud technology reduces your maintenance fees. No more servers, software, and update fees. Many of the hidden costs typically associated with software implementation, customization, hardware, maintenance, and training are rolled into a transparent subscription fee.

It's Open - Using cloud technology reduces your maintenance fees. No more servers, software, and update fees. Many of the hidden costs typically associated with software implementation, customization, hardware, maintenance, and training are rolled into a transparent subscription fee.

Cloud Computing

Microtech Infinity

Microtech Infinity ERP is designed in a very customizable way, to be implemented in almost all types of organizations, regardless of its mode and operations spread.



  • Financials
  • Cost Control
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Sales Performance
  • Workflow Management
  • Analytics
  • Manufacturing
  • Human Resources

As the CEO tries to understand the company's overall performance, s/he may find many different versions of the truth. Finance has its own set of revenue numbers, Sales has another version, and the different business units may each have their own version of how much they contributed to revenues. Microtech Cloud Series ERP creates a single version of the truth that cannot be questioned because everyone is using the same system.

Infinity seamlessly integrates with complex corporate databases to empower your organization with convenient business intelligence across multiple geo-locations.

A typical list of segments where Microtech Infinity ERP or its parts could be implemented are automotive industry, banking & insurance, chemical & pharmaceutical industries, consumer goods, healthcare, high-tech & electronics, mechanical engineering & heavy construction, oil & gas, project oriented manufacturing, public administration & education, retail, telecommunications, and utilities.


Microtech Al-Motammem

The prominent Al-Motammem has been completely redesigned from the ground up, utilizing latest technologies.

Al Motamem


  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • General Ledger
  • Inventory Control
  • Point of Sale
  • Fixed Assets Management
  • Letters of Credit
  • Cash Management
  • HR Management
  • Basic Manufacturing Management

With renovated user experience, this suite is able to handle up to 100 different companies, 256 simultaneous users for an infinite number of accounting periods, simultaneously and automatically adjusts consecutive years [periods] .Furthermore, it manages currencies [Exchange rate / re-evaluation]. It also provides automatic consolidation for multiple variables [Branches / companies per Year] allowing users to define hierarchical security levels [Accounts / Functionality and user privileges.

All programs are simultaneously bilingual [Arabic / English]. They operate in both stand-alone and multi-user environments.

The posting simulation feature facilitates trying the posting effect prior to physical performance. The built-in audit trails can be performed at will to ensure data accuracy and integrity. Moreover, the system performs logical data error detection and accordingly notifies users.

The number of transactions supported is unlimited and transaction details are retained for multiple years. All reports may be exported to other programs [like Excel or E-mail] for presentations and other purposes.

All Al Motammem modules provide on-line, context sensitive help. A power failure recovery feature is also provided [from main menu level] to ensure ease of use.


Microtech Al-Motammem Mini

Al-Motammem Mini, a simpler edition of the renowned product.

Al Motamem Mini


  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • General Ledger
  • Inventory Control
  • Point of Sale

Everybody wants a tailored solution. This suite is designed for smaller businesses and simpler requirements.

You do not need to be an accountant to use Al-Motammem Mini, yet you will produce professional Income and Profit & Loss statements, as well as balance sheets, like a pro.

Al Motammem Mini, comes with a host of user friendly features designed to put you in control of your business. It still cuts into your financials, logistics, and retail, but with limited functionality.

It will enable your business to learn it more quickly, produce required results faster, while easily maintaining the system. As your business grows and operations get more complex and more demanding, it is easy to upgrade to Al-Motammem Professional, which will carry your requirements for years to come.

All system outputs are designed to give you the right information you need to run your business smoothly, along with focusing on it, instead of living a daily struggle for information.