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Solution Overview

The renowned Al-Motamem has been completely redesigned from the ground up, utilizing latest technologies, and making use of the cloud availability. Offering end-to-end design for a completely different user experience.




Ease of use

Totally Redesigned to Fit Your Needs

New features include user defined masks, flexibility in defining workflow cycles, payment cycles, commissions, salesmen authorities, linked customers, purchase cycles, blanket orders, back orders, and much more.

The solution now offers more querying abilities through the introduction of the new Query Analysis tool which offers a built-in business intelligence and data mining tool.

As your business requirements get more complex, Al-Motammem is ready for you with new optional features, such as workflow, built-in query and reports designers, full audit trail, sensitive data encryption, scheduled archiving, and many others. Features designed to help you maximize your return on investment.

Why Choose Daylight Cloud

Microtech Daylight Cloud

Through the many new technologies utilized in this system, your supply chain becomes more agile with speed of access to information and IT capacity.


Al Motamem, comes with a host of generous features packed to cover most of your business needs. In addition, Al Motamem comes with optional features such as workflow management, query and report designer, full audit trail and many more to cover the rest of your needs as your business grow.

Accounts Receivable

Almotammem comes bundled with all the features to streamline and manage the money coming into your business.

Accounts Payable

Piling up bills and leaving out expenses unrecorded are two business disasters you will save yourself with Almotammem where you keep a record of every spending.

General Ledger

Whether you're recording a transaction or transferring balances from one account to another to rectify errors, the general ledger ensures your books are correct.

Inventory Control

Almotammem will help you optimize your inventory to lower your costs and maximize your profitability at ease without losing your sanity.

Point of Sale

Keep all your sales records under the same roof and gain perfect insights with business intelligence reports through a seamless integration with your POS system.

Fixed Assets Management

Easily track the location, quantity, condition, maintenance and depreciation status of your fixed assets with Almotammem's built in bar code and labeling system.

Letters of Credit

Easily manage your international trade without leaving your desk, Almotammem covers the full cycle of gurantee management for your convenience.

Cash Management

Become a master of cash management, stay on top of cash collection, handling and usage. Take preventive and corrective actions to maintain a sound cash flow.

HR Management

Orchestrate your organization with this magical wand. It helps you attract, select, train, assess & reward employees, while keeping an eye on the organizational culture.

Basic Manufacturing Management

This feature will help you improve your manufacturing efficiency; optimize your resources and satisfy customer expectations about quality, price and delivery.

Almotammem Daylight Cloud

Designed to help you grow your business and maximize your return on investment


Al Motammem New Generation (Arabic) - الجيل الجديد من برنامج المتمم

Al Motamem ERP New Generation

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  • Benefits of Al-Motammem ERP software solutions

    ERP financials software accumulate financial information and create reports, for example, ledgers, overall balance sheets and quarterly financial statements. In a general sense, an ERP solution that is appropriately executed gives the organization a broad perspective of how the organization is getting along from an income, expense, and profit standpoint. From a look, management can view finish points of interest identified with their accounts and how they incorporate with business analytics. All the more vitally, this total perspective of the organization's financials enhances financial control and manage risks. Poor administration of a business' settled resources can cost cash related with replacing lost or stolen resources, neglecting to put unused advantages for utilize, and expanding protection costs. ERP solutions offer courses for organizations to:

    • Effortlessly track and oversee organization resources (both deteriorating and non depreciating resources)
    • Access thorough announcing of advantage valuation and areas.
    • Better screen resources for anticipated robbery.

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