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Solution Overview

Al-Motammem Mini is made for small business operators. You do not need to be an accountant to use Al-Motammem Mini, yet you will produce professional Income and Profit & Loss statements, as well as balance sheets, like a pro.




Ease of use

Designed for Small Business

All accounting entries are in plain English, and all necessary accounting information is supplied with the system so you focus on your daily work, and start producing outputs on the first day you use it.

The system will also produce all your stock item balance, your receivables and payables, as well as what you need to order and when.

All system outputs are designed to give you the right information you need to run your business smoothly, and focus on growing your business, instead of living a daily struggle for information.

Why Choose Daylight Cloud

Microtech Daylight Cloud

Through the many new technologies utilized in this system, your supply chain becomes more agile with speed of access to information and IT capacity.


Al Motammem Mini, comes with a host of user friendly features designed to put you in control of your business.

Accounts Receivable

Almotammem comes bundled with all the features to streamline and manage the money coming into your business.

Accounts Payable

Piling up bills and leaving out expenses unrecorded are two business disasters you will save yourself with Almotammem where you keep a record of every spending.

General Ledger

Whether you're recording a transaction or transferring balances from one account to another to rectify errors, the general ledger ensures your books are correct.

Inventory Control

Almotammem will help you optimize your inventory to lower your costs and maximize your profitability at ease without losing your sanity.

Point of Sale

Keep all your sales records under the same roof and gain perfect insights with business intelligence reports through a seamless integration with your POS system.

Almotammem Mini Daylight Cloud

Designed to help you grow your business and maximize your return on investment


Al Motammem Mini Cloud New Generation - الجيل الجديد من برنامج المتمم ميني

Al Motammem Mini new Cloud Generation

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