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Solution Overview

Microtech Infinity™ Human Resources was designed to increase the contribution of your human assets to the business, and free your employees to concentrate on value-generating activities. The system enables you to enhance initiatives for employee retention and workforce collaboration for developing your intellectual assets, in addition to enhancing employee job satisfaction. The system enables you to make smart decisions and leverage your human capital. The Infinity™ Human Resources is a comprehensive business solution automating core human resource functions and quickly putting information into the hands of those who need it most. It increases productivity by integrating essential HR functions like benefits administration, applicant tracking, recruitment management, time and labor, training management, employee history tracking, wage and compensation modeling, performance management, workforce management, and payroll.

Why Choose Daylight Cloud

Microtech Daylight Cloud

Through the many new technologies utilized in this system, your supply chain becomes more agile with speed of access to information and IT capacity.


Employee Relationship Management

Provides companies with the ability to enable employees throughout the company to build collaborative relationships with fellow employees, managers, third-party suppliers, and the company itself. Knowledge management and portal technology is utilized to significantly change the HR service delivery model and efficiency of the workforce.


Microtech Infinity™ Human Resources offers you the intelligent recruiting management functions you need to locate appropriate talent. It will help you screen, filter, sort, and rank applicants. Together with the planning module, it covers the whole recruiting process chain, from planning and budgeting to attracting candidates, hiring, and retaining employees. It also provides sophisticated mechanisms for measuring and mapping recruiting expenditure and profitability.

Time & Labor

Microtech Infinity™ Human Resources enables you to capture or enter employee time and time-related data. It supports complex time rules and shifts. Multinational organizations can set up complex time rules according to a specific country's regulations. Time can also be captured from Microtech Infinity™ Point of Sale. The system can also be used for cost calculations related to product cost when used in conjunction with Microtech Infinity™ Manufacturing.


Microtech Infinity™ Human Resources is a state-of-the-art solution designed to deliver high performance, extensive features, great flexibility, analysis capabilities, and robustness. It is a rules-based payroll management system that is designed to keep pace with the changing needs of your enterprise and workforce. Microtech Infinity™ Human Resources streamlines your payroll workload through features such as the built-in formula engine processor, multiple calculations during and after pay periods, Retroactive calculations, taxation settlements, one-time calculations, and much more.


Microtech Infinity™ Human Resource’s comprehensive tools enable you to plan on an organizational level. It also helps you in planning recruitment, training, manning, jobs, head-count changes, and workforce development.

Employee Self-service

Content and application services offer a multitude of ready-to-use individual ESS services customizable in the language you need, giving employees control over multiple administrative tasks. With life-and-work events capabilities, individual transactions are seamlessly combined with expert content and knowledge so that the employee experience is efficient and enjoyable.

Excellent Reporting Tools

Microtech Infinity™ Human Resources provides you with over one hundred different reports including:

  • Compensation. ( salaries, grade steps, benefits )
  • Personal data. ( Personal details, contacts, etc. )
  • Career. ( competencies, service, qualifications )
  • Application history.
  • Employee movements ( hires, terminations )
  • Absence and accruals Jobs, positions and vacancies. Recruitment Training.
  • Assignments, grades.

Human Capital Management - Analytics

Provides data analysis and reporting tools as well as strategic enterprise management capabilities to support informed HR policy and decision-making.

Microtech Infinity HR

Designed to help you grow your business and maximize your return on investment

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