Corporate Profile

Microtech leadership, vision and commitment towards its customers are the main factors of its innovation to be the largest enterprise software company in the Middle East.

Over the course of three decades, Microtech, the regions leading enterprise multinational company, has provided a professional application, along with the associated services; in order to enable organizations to manage their business processes. Thus, our customers obtain convenient and accurate information from their business systems. As the largest ERP in the Middle East, Microtech delivers products and support services that help managing various business processes for our customers throughout the region.



To be the middle east leading business solutions provider, supplying our customers with the most extensive, easy and reliable business solutions for their requirements, reinforced by highly and specialized dedicated customer care and development services.


To provide clients with world class software technology that optimizes business processes, maximizes productivity and maintains customer satisfaction.


We build integrated, intuitive, easily manageable, and cost effective business applications with impressive , scalable and reliable performance. Microtech software and services provides our clients with the capability of integrating all their business functions such as; marketing, sales, supply chain, manufacturing, customer service, accounting, merchandising, retail, and human resources .Consequently, our clients can share the same database, because typically, Microtech enables users to store applicants information in a single structure data store.

Twenty years ago, the founder of Microtech, Mohy Gamaledin, seized an opportunity other companies had missed altogether when he came across software requirements for business applications, and discovered that there was no provided business software which offered a solution to such simple, logical business requirements. He realized the potential for building business software that addresses regional requirements, built in compliance with international best business practices and standards.


Microtech is providing the Middle East market with best of breed business applications

Microtech was the foremost software company to introduce the "Simultaneously Bilingual" concept in software applications, it was also the first to introduce the "Posting Simulation" feature. Moreover, Microtech was the chief software company in the Middle East to be accredited by ISO 9001/TickIT certification in 1997. It was one of the first companies to extend its business applications through the internet, an idea that was still in its infancy.

Microtech presents its business applications solutions in scalable and modular design. The scale starts with Al-Motammem Business Applications Suite, designed for SME (Small and Medium Enterprises). This suite covers financials, distribution, retail, payroll and personnel management. The larger product, Microtech Infinity ERP, is designed for medium to large organizations. It integrates financials, logistics, retail, human resources, manufacturing, ERM (Enterprise Relationship Management), and planning. Clients outgrowing our SME products migrate smoothly and seamlessly to our Enterprise solutions, using our cleverly designed databases and the special utilities and tools built for that purpose.


Al-Motammem Mini

Almotammem Mini

The best business suite for startups and emerging companies.



Microtech's flagship product for small and medium businesses.



The preferred ERP solution for Enterprises.

Infinity Retail

Infinity Retail

Infinity HR

Infinity HR

Other lines of products include CATS (Corporate Activity Tracking System). The CATS platform concept has a new design, although it taps into well known management areas. It provides the foundation with a series of management tools, both designed and applied by corporations according to requirements. Through CATS, both management and operations will benefit rapid collection of critical information, project tracking & collaboration, e-mail-supported workflow for business rules, leverage of relationships with customers, vendors, and partners. It also provides a repository of customer information, contacts, employees, project information, and a collaborative framework for managing projects. CATS accommodates multiple projects and understands any number of business process sets.

Microtech Support is what our clients need to get rapid, focused, synchronized response to mission-critical issues. Timely software upgrades and enhancements, proactive communications, and continuous improvements which help you achieve ongoing business value are also a part of the package.


Microtech holds multiple awards and certifications from industry leading organizations.

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

Microtech is one of Five ISVs awarded Microsoft Gold certified partner in Egypt


Certified CMMI Level 3

On the 21st July 2006 Microtech has been appraised as CMMI Level 3 organization.

MS Solution of the Year

Microsoft Solution of the Year

Microtech products have been chosen as "Solution of the Year" from Microsoft Egypt in 2003.

Windows User Magazine

Windows User Magazine

The best Arabic business application (Windows user magazine)


Comdex Egypt

Best of show in Comdex Egypt 98, 99.

PC Magazine

PC Magazine

Best Arabic business software of the year (PC magazine 1998)

Chairman Biography

Mr. Gamaledin has an extensive experience as a professional computer/digital circuits engineer in multi-platform commercial environments.

Being graduated in 1981 from College of Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Kuwait University, Mr. Gamaledin worked in multi-national environments, starting with Tandy corp. in Fortworth, Texas, to Electronic Construction Services in Germany, to other local companies in the Middle East.

Mr. Gamaledin was involved as a software engineer and as a project manager in many projects througout his career involving firmware, management information systems, electronic and digital circuits design, computer security systems, networking, and data mining.

Mr. Gamaledins key accomplishment was establishing Microtech in 1986, a professional Software Development and Marketing Company. Today, Microtech is a leading company in the Middle East in business applications software development, Microtech is now employing over 120 of the highest calibers in IT, and exhibiting growth in the region, and directly competing with multi-national organizations/products.


Boasting over 3800 clients throughout 17 countries in the region, Microtech has one of the largest customer bases in the ME. Microtech is placing itself as the preferred regional provider of ERP/HRMS solutions with its new product Infinity.

Mr. Gamaledin has been a member of many professional and business organizations such as IEEE, MSE, and CSEP. He is also an active member in the IT community in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the UAE. Moreover, he is the co-founder of the Egyptian Software Association, a general member in the American Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of IT and the Egyptian Exporters Association.



Over the past 31 years, Microtech has been providing state of software solutions to over than 3800 customers in diverse sectors such as Enterprise, Manufacturing, Education, Oil & Gas, Retail and Utilities.

This vast experience has helped us excel technically, develop a deep business understanding for our customers' needs, and provide them with the best solutions.


  • Texmar Fabrics
  • P&G
  • OTIS
  • Jotun
  • Moulinex
  • City Stars
  • AUC
  • Wood & Plexi
  • Egypt Foods
  • Alfa Scan
  • Speranza - Aboul Fotouh
  • Metro Markets
  • Farm Frites
  • Blom Bank
  • Cairo Metro
  • americana
  • dorra
  • Cairo_Metro
  • egyptianrck
  • PWC
  • PWC
  • PWC
  • PWC
  • PWC
  • PWC
  • PWC
  • PWC
  • PWC
  • PWC
  • sinai white cement
  • Samir & Ali
  • EG Bank
  • Egyptian Steel
  • Sawires Foundation
  • Orascom TSO
  • Orascom Arab Contractors
  • Reefy
  • Basata
  • Alex Fertilizer
  • Dawy
  • BICC schools
  • AlWaha schools
  • East Gas
  • Bernasos
  • Cairo Scan
  • Al Ahly Real Estate Development Co
  • Al- Alam Alyoum Newspaper
  • United Group
  • British American Tobacco - Egypt
  • Al Nile for Financial Services
  • Good News 4 Me
  • La Poire
  • Dominion For Marine Services
  • Sinai Cement
  • P&G Distributors (Speed + Al Amir + Yadaak)
  • Egyptian Co For Food Industries - Ice Man
  • AL Rashideen
  • A&K
  • Fayoum Gas
  • ASMA Group
  • Dr. Hegazy Office
  • Shoura
  • Arab World-Egypt Air
  • Gorica Egypt Group for Industry
  • ITDC
  • SAKS (KSA)
  • Santamora Egypt For Blankets
  • Al Hokier (KSA)
  • Al Hanove Travel
  • Artoc Group
  • Dream Land-Ahmed Bahgat-Contractors
  • Americana Group Food and Touristic Projects
  • Artoc Group
  • Accor
  • Swiss Restaurants - SEFCO
  • Honest
  • Shalakany Law Office
  • The French University in Egypt
  • Dandy Grand Mall
  • Pegesco
  • Azza Fahmy for Jewelry
  • Asec
  • Al Arab Group
  • German Auto Services
  • Natural Gas Vehicles Co-Cargaz
  • Rawaby
  • Al Mehwer Satellite Channels and Media
  • Al Shafei Import & Export-Mohsen Al Shafei Office

Microtech Partners

  • Distributors - Egypt
  • Distributors - KSA
  • Audit Firms - Egypt
  • Technology Partners


Benefits of Partnership


New Financial Revenue Streams

A partnership with Microtech would typically provide your organization with lucrative financial revenue streams according to the level/category of partnership you are in as an (affiliate/distributor/training-center). Microtech provides the best revenue-sharing schemes in the industry of business-software/ERP applications).

Business Image Enhancement & Brand Recognition

Associating your organization with Microtech would instantly pass on the Microtech brand credibility to your organization as a Microtech authorized partner.

This means your policies, operations and staff are all audited and certified by Microtech.

Internal Development & Growth

Typically, Microtech Training covers technical/sales/administrative aspects. It is worth mentioning that you would be operating within a highly professional business environment that would definitely impact your human capital in the favorably positive way you need to ensure continuous internal development of your people and operations.

Partnership Process

The recruiting cycle for a new partner at Microtech is a 5 phase process


Phase One

Searching/Screening for new partners to expand/develop the business. It could be the Microtech PDC staff looking for new partners or it could be the other way around, anyway, this is always how it starts. One party is looking forward to expanding the business by partnering with other powerful parties to gain higher market share through offering a more integrated solution to the end customer.


Phase Two

Initial contact is established between Microtech and the potential partner, usually a phone call or email followed by a meeting between the Microtech PDC staff and the potential partner.


Phase Three

Opportunity realization in which both parties would agree that there is a tangible business opportunity that would be mutually profitable for both parties. In this phase; Microtech PDC staff would typically present the various Microtech partnership programs and opportunities (benefits/responsibilities) and on the other hand, the potential partner would present his corporate profile to Microtech PDC staff and both parties would work together to explore, define then seize the best-fit partnership opportunity that would be optimally beneficial to both parties.


Phase Four

Finalizing details and contract signature between Microtech and its newly recruited partner.


Phase Five

Jump starting the business by providing the newly recruited partner with the adequate sales/technical training along with the necessary administrative training on the standard business operations before working together to plan for marketing activities.


Clients testimonials

Our awesome clients testimonials, 99% satisfaction guaranteed. Check them out. More to come with each new project.

Al Hokair group is one of the biggest fashion retailers in the ME with over 600 retail outlets representing international brands e.g. Massimo Dutti, La Senza, Zara, Nike, Adams, and Marks & Spencer...etc. He said, "We used Microtech Infinity total solution for operating our day-to-day business: financials, product management, Purchasing, and merchandising planning".

Hossam Halawa

Al Hokair

"We used Al-Motammem after searching for a reliable software. We have found that Al-Motammem was what we wanted, and after usage we have found that this really was the answer we were searching for".

Tarek Gabriel

Fuji Film

"As a multinational advertising agency, it was tremendously important to buy a simultaneously bilingual application covering all our financial aspects. Our mother company in London suggested foreign software because we always had negative perceptions of local software and always preferred foreign software. Ever since, we installed Al Motammem, this perception has changed. Microtech provides ready-made business applications yet there are always product updates using state of the art technology that meets our requirements. Last but not least, Microtech succeeded in building a long lasting relationship with SAATCHI & SAATCHI through their superior and smart services".

Mohamed Shaheen

Saatchi & Saatchi

"We can't operate in our financial department without Al-Motammem Financial Solution, as it provides us with analyzed information and detailed reports that play a crucial role for our top management decision making process at the right timing".

Amr Ramadan


"Infinity is really a flexible system, and very easy to use. It produces diversity of reports that help us very much in decision-making. It is a very stable program which serves us perfectly, fast & reliable. Adding to the above, Microtech Support Team is always responsive to our inquires in a really professional & fast manner".

Hussam El Sherif



"The decision to choose Microtech helped us to avoid many problems in running our accounting department and errors that we would have never realized without Al-Motammem".

Mahmoud Abdel Maksoud


"Microtech Infinity ERP Human Resources gives Vinci wide, and flexible infrastructure needed to focus on our most important asset: human capital".

Montasser El Deeb


"We in Hesni Group placed our trust in Al-Motammem solutions. Being aware of its capability, reliability and capacity we became more confident of our choice. Al-Motammem meets our requirements regarding time, efficiency and durability, which always matters for us as a company working in the field of printing, weaving and dyeing".

Nashat Mikhail

Hesni Knitting Industries

"Working in durable goods we needed a stable software application to be able to operate in a fast and efficient manner. We started reading and searching for a program that we can depend on. Actually, we heard that Al-Motammem financial solution was one of the best business applications covering our needs and requirements. What was also proven to be very efficient is Al-Motammem installment solution that provided us with precise information and accurate reports about invoices, investigators, refused customers, promissory notes, and checks. Al-Motammem ensures outstanding achievements for your business".

Sherien Alyas