Microtech offers a range of services to assist your business achieve its objectives.

Training & Certification

Microtech provides training & certification through its own customer support team or through one of its authorized training centers and/or dealers.

The client has the option of choosing his service provider.

Training covers basic functionality, data input, operations, and reporting.

Trainees prerequisites include computer and network operation knowledge, basic information technology concepts, and must be proficient in the subject the program or module serves.

Microtech also provides special training courses tailored to customers requirements.

Clients who have received training on any of our software products can apply to become certified users.


Microtech provides implementation services that relate to assisting in identifying product implementation business goals and all current requirements.

  • Defining expected system performance.
  • Studying alternative solutions.
  • Selecting the most feasible solution for each and every problem.
  • Studying the data flow, procedures, and control points both inter and intra-departmental.
  • Scheduling achievements /outputs /phasing plans.
  • Document cycle design and management.
  • Coding system design and management.
  • Supervising data entry and operations.
  • Technical support in data conversion/ communication/ networking/ data warehousing/ archiving/ security.
  • Reporting/report customizing training and support.