Microtech provides full after sales service through several venues.

We insure our clients against problems that might result from programming errors by ongoing customer care follow up and on site trouble shooting within 48 hours. Our staff is ready available daily to calls from clients if they should need immediate assistance or technical consultation.

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This is a free online service to enhance Microtech customer/customer relationship through online discussion forum that tackles different topics related to our software products. We encourage our clients to participate in this forum to share their experience in using our software products, discuss hot issues in the field of software and automating business processes as well as suggesting developments needed in the software to fit work needs.

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Support Center

For the convenience of our clients, we provide you with the option to request support online by using our ticketing feature. You can add, view or request support tickets by logging in to our System. You can also request authentication code and gain access to product updates

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Microtech sustains a technology edge by ensuring that software development is a continuous, refined and automated process. Thus, research and development is an ongoing process that ensures achieving the highest levels of sophistication. Part of the strategic services that is unique to Microtech is that all our customer's suggestions go straight away into the process of research and development.


  • How can I follow up with our document cycle in business?

    You can do that through our LINK Function which is available in the Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable systems. It will show you which document(s) are related to each others. Simply, you will track your sales orders, your purchase orders and you will be able to control all your documents.

  • I have some data I used before in Excel; can I import it to Al-Motammem?

    Sure, we have the Import function in all of our modules, and it is available to all our clients, but we are restricted by the system structure; thus all the data you need to import must be within this structure and you may need to ask for help from our technical team.

  • What about the reports in your system; is it possible to modify them?

    For this issue you have three choices:

    1 - You can export any report to MS Excel or as a text to be available under any software under windows; thus you can modify and do what you need. Moreover, this option is available in all our modules without any additional cost.

    2 - If you have special requests in reports and you do not need to modify them by exporting them to MS Excel each time, we can do these reports if the date is available inside these reports, and this would be of extra cost.

    3 - You can design any report you need or modify our custom reports in all our modules if you have our Report Generator System with the full detailed training.

  • I always have many problems when I check the overhead expenses value; how can I manipulate that?

    What you have to do is monitor your direct expenses and separate it from the administrative expense, then take some ratios for the total direct expenses to the sales percentage, and the total administrative expenses to the sales percentage. All that can be easily done via our systems; you will only need to define all the financial analysis ratios in the system and run it each time you need to see your business results, also you can generate the results in.

  • Can I follow up with the contracts I have with my clients?

    Sure, in our Order Entry system you can follow up your orders (contracts) and know if there were other documents related to them like invoice, and delivery whether full or partial.

  • How can I manage branches not connected directly to the Head Office?

    In our systems we use the replication model which allows you to replicate all the data from the head office to your branches including the new items and prices, customers...etc. Also, from the branches to the head office to send the daily transactions.

  • What can I do when my Gross Profit is of a very high value?

    This happens when not all expenses are allocated to items; in this case the cost of sales will include only the item cost (from the supplier) and other costs as administrative expenses are not allocated. Hence, you have to allocate all expenses to your items so that the item cost can include all expenses on the item until it is stored in your warehouse only, then the cost of sales will be actually as the item cost and the gross profit will be less than before. All these issues can be monitored through our systems.

  • I have many companies with separate accounting systems but management is in the same location; how can I handle that?

    All our systems, Al-Motammem & Infinity, support multiple companies and multiple branches; thus you can open all your companies accounting system in the same location and get your result per company or accumulated for all companies.

  • I have WindowsNT server and Win98 stations; can I work with your systems?

    For Al-Motammem Borland you can work in this environment, but as for Al-Motammem SQL and infinity, you will need to update your stations to Win2000 or XP.

  • Does your system help monitor my internal departments Revenues and Expenses?

    You can use our cost centers or departments to keep track of all Expenses and Revenues related to each department in details or totals.

    Our systems support cost centers, departments, projects so that you can work from any module and allocate to the cost centers; for example if you have stationary issued to specific department in the inventory control system, you can allocate this cost to the department or (cost center). In payroll, as well, you can allocate each employee benefits to one or more cost center.

  • Does the system provide data security?

    The system provides a highly efficient security system on various levels. You can apply security on a group level, as well as user level. The system offers you the advantage of determining accessibility to each screen, function, field, report, etc.

  • Does the system provide the feature of scheduling tasks performed regularly?

    Through the scheduling feature, you can easily preset specific dates and times for the execution of particular functions such as the generation of reports and sending them by mail to certain recipients, in addition to generating transactions on a specific date and time.

  • Can I customize screens to fit my business?

    The program presents the feature of interface customization, as you can change field names according to your preferences. Moreover, you can hide unwanted fields that are outside the scope of your business.

  • How can the system monitor potential user errors?

    To get the best results, our user-friendly programs help you avoid any potential mistakes. This is achieved through our warning messages and alerts. For instance, you can specify the minimum number of stock items that, if reached, the program raises an alert informing you that you cannot issue.

  • Is it possible to design reports according my company's needs?

    Through the Report Manager, you can design your own reports that would meet your company's requirements. Moreover, you can add filters to existing reports.

  • Does generating reports require prior posting?

    The system offers you the flexibility of generating all kinds of reports before and after posting.

  • How can the system be beneficial to the Financial Department?

    The system provides you with features that enable you to generate significant financial reports such as the Cash Flow, Balance Sheet, etc; thus, saving you the time and effort of creating such reports, in addition to providing you with utmost precision.

  • Does the system generate Analysis Reports?

    The system presents numerous analytical reports such as Sales Analysis Reports, Purchasing Analysis Reports, Profitability Report , Aging Reports etc.

  • Does the system allow me to enter data anytime?

    The system offers you the flexibility of entering delayed transactions on any date, supposing that you do not close the month, and automatically the system places the transaction in its correct chronological order. Moreover, you can work on two fiscal years simultaneously.

  • Can I customize fiscal years according to my company's requirements?

    The system allows user-defined fiscal years, as you can define an unlimited number of periods within the same fiscal year. Furthermore, you can define the length of each period according to your company's needs.

  • Does the system monitor items that have exceeded their expiry date?

    Through defining the expiry date of each item, the system is capable of keeping track of the validity of items; consequently, alerting the user not to issue expired items.

  • I deal in ready-made clothes; how can your system serve my business?

    Due to the fact that there are numerous attributes to each individual item in the clothes business, such as size, length, color, etc., our system offers you the matrix feature which enables you to define the item only once, and then link it to the matrix which includes elements (size, color, model, length). By doing that the system automatically generates various instances of the same item according to the user-defined elements.

  • I am in the Automobile business; how can your system serve me?

    Using our system, you can define each item which is in this case the car brand, and then you can link each item to several Chassis Numbers; thus, keeping track of each item and its details.

  • All items in my stock have a serial number; how does your system handle that?

    The system includes the feature of defining a serial number for each piece of the same item, which helps you keep track of your stock as a whole.

  • Does your system handle Batch Numbers?

    The system provides you with the feature of linking each quantity of items with a specific batch number. This can be greatly beneficial to Pharmaceutical Companies.